Wynyard Hall, the most exclusive of exclusive venues! Beautiful views and scenery, surrounding the most dignified of grand mansions. Situated on the outskirts of Durham in the Tees Valley, this striking four-star hotel provides an exceptional experience – where exquisite charm meets contemporary comfort.


Wedding Photography Opportunities


Standing in 150 acres of historical landscape, you’ll find it hard not to find a unique location or backdrop for your wedding photography. Your group images should really be quite breath taking, and when it comes to that all important bridal portrait session, you need to be mindful of your guests, because it really is such a temptation to do “just one more”, especially with so much opportunity simply surrounding you at every turn.

Not to forget the phenominal architecture and beautiful rooms within Wynyard Hall itself. If I were to be brutally honest, I would say I could spend a week within the hall, and not exhaust the photographic opportunities available. From full decadent rooms such as the library, to that phenomenally high ceiling in the reception, and more gorgeous stairways than I could possibly recall.
Be warned, if you want to get the most out of your wedding photography, choose a photographer who can think quickly on their feet, and respond to changing light conditions. The huge rooms and the scale of the place means the light can swiftly, but subtly change, and a photographer who can adapt quickly will gain the most from a venue such as this.

Someone who has shot at this venue frequently may well become complacent, choosing to utilise the areas they are familiar with, which would be a shame. It means that so many nooks and crannies will go undetected and under utilised, and also many bridal pictures will be similar. Prompt a search for the unusual. Ask the staff, who are all driven to ensure you have a fabulous day. If anyone is going to know that once unique place, it’s going to be a staff member. Get the very most out of this golden opportunity.

This is a venue I relish the opportunity to return.

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